The Art of Making a Mess

By: Lillian Ruppert


My kids are older now, but every once in awhile I get nostalgic for when they were little. This past weekend friends of mine visited and brought along their 18 month old daughter.

I’m always amazed at how different parenting is now than when I was raising my kids. Yes, I make it sound like they’re 100, but 6 and 8 years makes a difference. There are so many new gadgets and gizmos. Almost makes me want another one. Almost.

What really caught my eye though was this thing called a Kid Cover from a company called Kid Dazzle. We sat down to eat and my friend whipped out this adorable pink tutu looking thing with a bib attached. She put it on and it went all the way over the chair. At first I was thinking is that some kind of new way to keep a kid in a seat?

Nope, it’s a bib/smock to ensure that they don’t get messy. Genius. But of course being that crazy person I wanted to test it out. I broke out the big gun: a cherry popsicle on a hot day, every mom’s nightmare

I watched as her face and hands turned red, but all the liquid went into the bib pocket and long length of material. I peaked under the chair — nothing on her clothes.

So then I figured out, we’ll take it off and it will all leak. Nope totally fine. I was amazed. And then I looked over at my 6 year old, covered in green ice pop, wiping it on his shorts. I looked back at the Kid Cover, nope, too big for him.

My friend went home with a clean kid and I took my green monster inside for a bath and a load of laundry. Kid Cover people, can you make it in a bigger size!?